Clean room temperature and humidity adjustment, test method [efficient]

2019-07-18 10:05:00   Editor: Yan Hong shares    0

The temperature test in the clean room has a functional temperature test and a general temperature test. The functional temperature test is mainly used when the dust-free workshop needs to strictly control the temperature accuracy or when the builder requires testing in "static" or "dynamic"; the general temperature test is mainly used in the "empty state" temperature test.

In the dust-free workshop function temperature test, the clean area should be divided into equal-area grids, each of which has a grid area of no more than 100 square meters or determined by the construction party. Each grid has more than one measuring point, and each room has at least one measuring point. 2 The test height shall be the height of the working face. The distance from the ceiling, wall and ground shall not be less than 300MM. The influence of heat source shall be considered. The measurement time shall be at least 1H and measured at least 6min. Record the reading after it is stable. The measuring point of the general temperature test of the clean room, one measuring point in each temperature control area or each room, the height of the test point should be the working surface height, the measuring time should be at least 1H, and the measurement time should be at least 6min. recording.

Dust-free workshop humidity test: Humidity test can be ventilated dry and wet bulb hygrometer, capacitive hygrometer, digital hygrometer, hair type humidity instrument.