What are the requirements of the food grade SC standard for the 100,000 class clean room?

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According to the national regulations on the production of food and beverage, the clean room environment of the food and beverage workshop is controlled to reach the standard of 10,000 or 100,000 air purification. The sterile clean workshop is preferably isolated from the outside world and cannot pass through or interfere with other factors.

The following are the requirements for SC certification for the 100,000-level purification project in the food workshop.

Production workshop arrangement and division of health level

In order to facilitate the design and sanitary management of different production areas, the food factory workshops are generally divided into non-food processing areas, general production areas, quasi-clean production areas and clean production areas according to the cleanliness of the workshop. Quasi-clean production areas and clean production areas are regulated production areas.

General production area

The general production area refers to the raw material warehouse, material warehouse, outer packaging room and finished product warehouse, which are closely related to product production, but the cleanliness of the air in the area is required to be lower than the operating area of the controlled production area.

Quasi-clean production division

Clean production area refers to the processing area of the processing and conditioning field is second to the operating area of the clean production area.

Including: food processing and conditioning field, such as cutting, grinding, mixing, blending, shaping, molding, cooking and universal extraction, improving food characteristics or preservation (such as oil extraction, starch separation, bean paste manufacturing, emulsification, coagulation or fermentation, sterilization) , freezing or drying, etc.)

The preparation room for the inner packaging material (refers to the inner packaging material that can be directly used without any cleaning and disinfection procedures, and the operation place for removing the outer packaging or molding, etc.);

The buffer chamber refers to the buffer place set at the entrance to prevent the controlled production area from directly communicating with the outside world when the raw materials or semi-finished products are directly entered into the controlled production area without going through the normal manufacturing process.

Clean air grade (ISO grading standard) food industry grading standard

Filling room ISO level 4

Inner packaging material storage room ISO grade 5

Personnel clean room ISO level 7

Ground, wall

Ground: There should be a drainage slope of 1% - 2%.

Wall: In the clean area with a relative humidity of more than 80%, the wall should be made of antibacterial and mildewproof paint, and the antibacterial and mildewproof paint should conform to HG/T 3950. The limit of harmful substances in paints shall comply with the provisions of GB 18582 Limits for Hazardous Substances in Interior Wall Finishing Materials.