Introduction to the technical basis of semiconductor clean workshop

2019-07-04 10:23:00   Editor: Yan Hong shares    0

The space unit of the semiconductor component is calculated in micrometers. Therefore, the dust particles are attached to the wafer on which the semiconductor component is fabricated, which may affect the pattern of the precise conductor layout thereon, causing serious consequences of short circuit or open circuit. All semiconductor process equipment must be placed in a confined space where dust is trapped, which is the reason for the semiconductor clean room.

Relevant technologies and usage management methods for the following semiconductor cleanrooms:

1. Inside the semiconductor clean room, it is necessary to ensure that the dust does not enter, so the clean room should maintain an environment greater than atmospheric pressure. This requires a large blower to drive the air from the cleaned equipment into the clean room.

2. In order to maintain constant temperature and constant humidity, large air conditioning equipment must be used in conjunction with the aforementioned blast pressure system. How long does the blower press and how long the air conditioner has to be opened.

3. The air flow direction of all purified equipment is from top to bottom. Therefore, the indoor space design of the clean workshop or the placement of the machine should avoid sudden abrupt, so that the chances and time for the cyclone bacteria to stagnate in the clean workshop are reduced. The minimum level.

4. All building materials are based on materials that are not susceptible to electrostatic adsorption.

5. All people or things go in and out of the clean workshop. People must wear dust-proof clothes. People or things must be blown through the air shower to remove the surface dust first.

6. The use of water in semiconductor cleanrooms is limited to deionized water. One prevents the water particles from contaminating the wafer, and the other prevents the heavy metal ions (such as potassium and sodium ions) from contaminating the charged carrier channel of the MOS transistor structure, affecting the working characteristics of the semiconductor component. Deionized water is the best solvent and cleaner, and its use in the semiconductor industry is incredible!

7. All the gas sources used in the semiconductor clean room, including the need to blow dry wafers and machine air pressure, use nitrogen (98%), blow dry silicon wafers and even require more than 99.8% high purity nitrogen .