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Precautions for installation of high-efficiency air supply port, what should be paid attention to when installing the high-efficiency air supply port? How to install the efficient air supply port?

The high-efficiency air supply port is an ideal terminal filter device for the 1000-, 10,000-, and 100,000-class air-conditioning systems. It can be widely used in the purification of air-conditioning systems in the pharmaceutical, health, electronics, and chemical industries. The high-efficiency air supply port is used as a terminal filtering device for retrofitting and newly-built clean rooms of 1000-300,000 levels, and is a key device to meet the purification requirements. The high-efficiency air supply port includes a static pressure box, a diffuser plate, a high-efficiency filter, and the interface with the air duct may be a top or a side connection.

The following main items are required when installing an efficient air supply port:

1, the first important point before installation, the efficiency requirements of the efficient air supply port must meet the clean room site design requirements and customer application standards

2, the high-efficiency air supply port needs to be cleaned and cleaned before installation and clean all-round cleaning of the clean room. For example, the dust in the air-conditioning system should be cleaned and cleaned. It must meet the cleaning requirements and the level or the ceiling or ceiling. Need to clean, re-purify the air-conditioning system must be tested for continuous operation for more than 12h, once again cleaned.

3. The safe transportation of the efficient air supply port must be strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's logo to indicate the direction, etc., and the transportation process must be handled with care and avoid severe vibration and collision.

4. Before the installation of the high-efficiency air supply port, the visual inspection of the air supply port package should be carried out on site, including whether the filter paper, sealant and frame are damaged; whether the side length, diagonal line and thickness dimension meet the requirements; the frame has burrs and rust spots ( Metal frame); whether there is a product certificate, technical performance meets the design requirements.

5, the high-efficiency air supply port leak detection, inspection and leak detection is qualified, the installation should be based on the resistance of each air outlet to make a reasonable allocation, for one-way flow, between the same air outlet or the filter on the air supply surface, The difference between each rated resistance and the average resistance of each unit should be less than 5%. The cleanliness level is equal to and higher than the high efficiency air supply of the Class 100 clean room.

6, the clean room needs to install the high-efficiency air supply vents and the joint between the ceiling plate to apply for sealing, remember that the cracks must be strictly handled. Avoid high-efficiency air supply port damage or coating damage. Installation must be carried out. The air supply port installation and air duct must be strictly connected. The open end is reinforced with plastic film and tape to protect the air. The above seven precautions must be carefully observed to be slightly wrong, which directly affects the cleanliness standards of the entire clean room, and friendly reminders; enterprises need to select the purification equipment manufacturers that design, manufacture and install the whole product.