Clean room filter life description

2019-05-30 14:45:51   Editor: Yan Hong shares    0

For a clean room in operation, the value of the end filter is not high, and the total may not be as much as the user's two-hour production value, but the risk and overhead of replacing the filter will be high.


When the filter is replaced, the production should be stopped. The loss of production can only be calculated by the owner himself. This loss is definitely higher than the cost of spare parts for the filter. Replacing the filter is a very careful operation. Everything in the clean room can't stand the toss, and the damage to an inconspicuous device can be more than the cost of all the filters. After the filter is replaced, it must be tested by a professional. Sometimes the air conditioning system is to be commissioned, and then a trial run is required after a period of time. Inspection, commissioning, commissioning, three costs added together, may be comparable to the filter price. Smart owners always want to extend the life of the filter as much as possible, not to save the filter a few dollars, they want to avoid a lot of trouble caused by replacing the filter.

When the amount of ash on the filter is too much, the resistance increases, so that when the normal air supply is affected, the filter is scrapped. Increasing the filter area of the filter or increasing the number of filters can extend the life of the filter. However, the game space of those practices is not large, you can not increase the filter area indefinitely, and to extend the life of the filter, the fundamental method is to block the dust in the pre-filter. The replacement of the pre-filter generally does not require production downtime and no commissioning, so experienced owners will pay attention and money on the pre-filter. For 10,000 and 100000 cleanrooms, the F8 filter (95% colorimetric method) can be used for pre-filtration, so that the end filter can last up to 5 years. In foreign projects and new domestic projects, the F8 filter is a common pre-filter for non-uniform flow clean rooms.