China's independent research and development of 32-layer three-bit flash memory chip national memory chip clean production base

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The national memory base chip production workshop reloading area, just walked to the door, it was obvious that there was a wind blowing in the face. This is the exhaust system in the clean room that uses the wind pressure to blow the wind out so that the dust can be isolated.

The chip is produced in such a clean space. The cleanliness level of the workshop's dressing area is Class10000, that is, the dust particles of 0.5um (micron) or more per cubic foot cannot exceed 10,000. The cleanliness of the production area inside is Class100, which is comparable to the cleanest operating room for organ transplants. In the direct production area where the chip raw material-wafer is exposed, the cleanliness is Class1, which is 100 times cleaner than the operating room.

The first 32-layer 3D flash memory chips independently developed by China are mass-produced here. The chip cost $1 billion and was developed by a team of 1,000 people for two years with full intellectual property rights. At present, the 64-layer 3D flash memory chip is also under intense research and development, and it is hoped that it will be mass-produced next year. This marks an important step for Chinese companies to fill the gap in chip collection, and further narrows the distance between China and high-end chips in the field of high-end chips.

This is the world's largest single-seat clean area 3D flash chip production plant. “Clean rooms are built to the highest standards in the world. Only such clean rooms can produce the high-quality chips we need,” said the head of the Yangtze River Storage Plant.

The production area of the chip is equipped with an air circulation system, and the ceiling is covered with a small small mesh. These are air filters. Under the feet, there is a raised floor. The air flows from top to bottom, and the dust is carried under the floor. After the air is filtered, Recycle to the ceiling.

Deep cultivation of high-end clean room projects, leading industry-leading companies

Yuhong Co., Ltd. has 20 years of experience, mechanical and electrical installation engineering construction qualification and many other professional qualifications, focusing on high-end clean rooms such as semiconductors. As a leading company in the industry, it has built several high-end clean room projects. 


Industry competition is stratified, and the market size of 2019 may reach 100 billion.

The policy has a guiding role in the development of the industry. Recently, the National Assembly has proposed to extend the preferential income tax policy for integrated circuits and software to promote the development of the information industry. "Made in China 2025" target: chip self-made rate reached 40% in 2020 and 70% in 2025. According to this goal, it is expected that dozens of 12-inch chip factories will be built by 2025, which will bring more to Yuhong Co. More opportunities. The marketization of clean rooms in China is relatively high, the technical strength of enterprises is uneven, barriers to entry are high, and the market has formed different layers. Due to the accumulation of research and development capabilities and construction experience, the company has occupied a place in the domestic market.

Clean room engineering is a production-assisted project and is an indispensable part of high-end manufacturing, which has a direct impact on the yield of electronic industry products. The electronics industry (including integrated circuits, new display industries, etc.) is the main downstream industry of clean room engineering. The company's electronics industry accounted for more than 94% of total revenue in 2018, which is the main source of revenue. Since 2016, China's integrated circuit investment has entered a state of rapid growth, with a growth rate of more than 50% in 2017. In the new display industry, it is expected that the foldable OLED panel will reach a compound growth rate of more than 80% by 2025. According to the relevant data of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, the market size of the clean room industry in 2019 may reach 100 billion.


Guangdong Yuhong Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 by Shenzhen Kebiao, Dongguan Liren and Dongguan Antai, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. Shenzhen Kebiao Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. With years of industry accumulation and precipitation, it has developed into a clean room system full industrial chain group company covering three major business segments: material production, equipment production, intelligent control and engineering installation. . In 2018, the group completed a total sales of 700 million yuan.

       The group has 1,062 employees, including 113 R&D and engineering technicians, 249 production, management and sales personnel, and 700 engineering installers. In Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park, 2200m2 of high-quality office buildings were purchased, and Dongguan Tangxia built 13000m2 industrial park. The professional production of industrial clean industry supporting high-end sheet production capacity of 2 million m2, clean equipment FFU annual output of 60,000 units, and the establishment of South China's first wind tunnel laboratory in line with the US AMCA ventilation standards. Fully integrate the clean room industry chain system, set up a group research center, and continuously innovate and develop new products and processes of clean systems. Subsidiary Shenzhen Kebiao has the qualifications of the State Construction Department to award the architectural decoration engineering design B, the architectural decoration and decoration engineering contractor grade, the mechanical and electrical installation and the steel structure. It is the overall builder of the large industrial clean room in China. Professional construction of high-grade industrial clean room and air pressure, vacuum, special gas, ultra-pure gas, process exhaust, pure water, process cooling water, wastewater, electricity, weak electricity, monitoring, fire protection, chemical supply and secondary distribution systems engineering. Future Group will focus on the development, production and sales of clean room construction and supporting materials and products in industrial electronics, flat panel display, precision instruments, biomedicine, medical and health industries.

     "Care on the ground, professional integrity" is the company's business philosophy and core values that have been upheld for 20 years. The company's vision is to grow into the most competitive clean room system in China.