Characteristics and advantages of air-cooled heat pump unit in dust-free workshop

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The air-cooled heat pump has two series of cooling and heating and single cooling. All the components are imported, and the key components are world-famous products. For example, some compressors are selected from American Copeland, Bristol and France Taikang flexible scroll compression. Machine, expansion valve, four-way reversing valve, sight glass, high and low voltage controller, dryer are American Aike products, other components from Sweden, Japan and Taiwan, with superior performance and reliable quality;

       The air-cooled heat pump can be modularized and can be combined according to the load size, which is convenient for transportation, installation and maintenance;

       The air-cooled heat pump is a rectangular parallelepiped consisting of a stainless steel panel and an aluminum alloy frame. It is not afraid of wind and rain and can be installed on the top floor and outdoor platform of the building.

       Air cooling and heat exchange are used, no cooling water pump and cooling tower and cooling water pipeline are needed, the installation is simple and convenient, and the civil engineering investment is small;

       The air-cooled heat pump can supply heat in summer and heat in winter, so there is no need to set up a heat station for heating.

       The air-cooled heat pump is equipped with multiple compressors, has multiple independent circuits, reliable operation, high partial load efficiency, easy energy adjustment, and energy saving 20-50% compared with other units;

       The air-cooled heat pump adopts the world famous brand low-noise axial flow fan, and the compressor is equipped with a vibration damping device, so the unit noise is low, less than 65dB;

       The air-cooled heat pump is equipped with automatic protection devices such as high and low pressure, suction and exhaust, high water temperature, low water temperature and water cut, and is equipped with a microcomputer controller to realize fully automatic operation to ensure that the unit is in optimal operation state;

       The air-cooled heat pump is driven by clean electric power, which does not cause pollution at the place of use, while the fuel (gas) boiler and direct-fired engine emit large CO and NOX harmful gases, which pollute the environment seriously;

       The heat discharged from the fuel (gas) boiler and the direct combustion engine can not be recycled into the atmosphere. The heat rejection ratio of the two to the city is 29:125, and the air-cooled heat pump is reduced by 77%.

       The air-cooled heat pump uses the atmosphere as a source of cold and heat. Compared with other chillers, it can greatly save water and avoid pollution of water quality.

       The primary energy utilization factor of the air-cooled heat pump is 0.99, which is much larger than 0.33 for electric heating and 0.7 for boiler heating. It is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly green product;

       Since the air-cooled heat pump saves the cooling tower and the machine room, the initial investment is lower than that of the water-cooled unit plus the boiler, and is lower than the direct-burning unit of lithium bromide;

       The air-cooled heat pump does not require fuel delivery costs and storage, slagging fees, long maintenance intervals, and fully automatic operation, so the operating additional cost is small.

       The air-cooled heat pump can adopt heat recovery technology to partially realize water cooling, and has the characteristics of high efficiency of water-cooling unit. The main features of the air-cooled heat pump are waste heat utilization, free hot water, and direct reduction of waste heat to the atmosphere. Protecting the living environment of human beings; the second is to improve the efficiency of the unit, save power consumption of the unit, reduce the failure rate and prolong its service life.

        The air-cooled heat pump unit and the various fan coil air conditioners or cabinet air conditioners form a central air-conditioning system, which can be operated in a single operation or in multiple combinations. It can also be used for refrigeration and heating conversion. The most suitable model. Because the installation is flexible and simple, there is no need for the engine room and the cooling tower. Therefore, it is very convenient to renovate the original building that does not consider the design and installation of air-conditioning equipment. The unit operates with low noise and operates more smoothly than other types of air-conditioning units of the same capacity. Quiet and smooth, thus broadening its scope of application. For example, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, restaurants, office buildings, theaters, dance halls, office buildings, dormitory buildings, etc., as well as computer rooms, hospitals, research institutes, laboratories, etc., which are more environmentally demanding, are very suitable.