Clean operating room control system debugging

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The sign that the clean operating room enters the commissioning stage is: the contractor has completed all the construction and installation tasks of the clean operating room according to the contract documents and design documents confirmed by both parties, and has passed the intermediate acceptance to meet the requirements of the specification, and there is no rectification work affecting the debugging of the clean air conditioning system. 


1. Matters to be confirmed before cleaning the air conditioning system

1. The air conditioning system cold and heat source equipment can be started up normally, and according to the requirements of the clean operating department to clean the air conditioning system, provide hot and cold water with temperature, flow and pressure parameters to meet the requirements;

2. The power supply for the equipment has been debugged and can be powered normally;

3. The equipment humidification water source has been able to supply normally;

4. Clean operating room, air conditioning machine room, clean air conditioning cycle unit, clean air conditioning new fan unit, clean air conditioning duct system, supply and return water pipeline system, condensate drain pipeline system, humidification water pipeline system are all cleaned or pressure tested ;


Second, clean air conditioning system single machine debugging

(1) The single-machine debugging of the control cabinet of the integrated power system of the strong and weak electricity unit checks whether the power supply and current meet the requirements; whether the wire is tight at the terminal; whether the electrical control components (the total miniature circuit breaker MCB, AC contactor, thermal relay, intermediate relay) Whether it can be normally closed and disconnected; whether the PE wire copper bar connection and the N wire bronze connection meet the safety requirements; after the power is turned on, the fan works normally; the ACX36.000 controller is mainly used to control the start and stop of the unit, check-in Control, UV germicidal lamp on, off, temperature and humidity control, fault alarm control, display, etc. Check whether the wiring of the DDC controller meets the requirements. After power-on, whether the control signal can be correctly transmitted through the handheld device; whether the communication with the intelligence panel is normal.

(2) PTC electric heater single machine debugging

After the control signal is given, whether the classification is turned on and the temperature protection is normal; if the set temperature is adjusted to be higher than the indoor temperature, and there is no hot water signal, the PTC electric heater will be classified in a binary manner according to the size of the DDC control signal. through.

(3) Clean operating room intelligence control panel single machine debugging remote control clean air conditioning unit switch machine signal communication is normal; remotely adjust the temperature and humidity setting value on the intelligence panel, observe whether the display on the DDC controller in the engine room strong and weak integrated cabinet is consistent .

(4) inverter debugging

The inverter controls the power supply frequency of the blower motor to change the speed of the motor. When the inverter is normal and the AC380V power supply is provided, the indicator light on the inverter lights up in green; if the red light or the red light does not stop flashing, it indicates that there is an abnormality in the inverter or the inverter accessories, and the power failure check is required. When the red light of the inverter keeps flashing, turn off the main power supply, wait for the red light to go out and then turn it back on. If the green light is on, it means normal, and the red light is still on, indicating that the inverter is faulty.

(5) Single-machine debugging of electric control valve of air conditioning water system

1. After the control signal is given, whether the electric water valve is opened and closed normally, whether the opening degree and the control requirements are consistent; the set temperature is adjusted to be higher than the indoor temperature, and there is a hot water signal, and the hot water valve will be based on the DDC control signal. The size automatically turns on the corresponding opening; in the summer, the manual switch can be manually converted into a hot water condition.

2. Adjust the set temperature below the indoor temperature, and the cold water valve will automatically open the corresponding opening according to the size of the DDC control signal.

3. Air conditioning air system fire damper, electric airtight valve, double electric constant air volume valve, check valve, multi-leaf manual control valve, wind pressure sensor, differential pressure switch single machine debugging.

4. Electronic control device: give control command, observe whether the switch state, opening and closing opening degree meets the requirements, whether there is abnormal sound, heat and smell.

5. Manual control device: Check the flexibility of opening and closing, and whether there is hysteresis.

(6) Single-machine debugging of humidifier

1. After the humidification signal is given, whether the humidification steam electric valve opening degree meets the requirements, whether the inlet valve and the sewage switch can work normally, whether the PID proportional adjustment accuracy meets the requirements; the humidifier is energized, and the set humidity is adjusted to be higher than the indoor temperature. Humidity, the humidifier will enter the water and humidify.

2. When the humidity in summer is high and the humidity cannot be adjusted, simply turn off the return air humidity signal line, and the humidifier will be put into operation. After the debugging is completed, the signal line that has been disconnected will be restored.

(7) Single machine debugging for purifying air conditioning cycle, fresh air and exhaust fan unit

1. The motor impeller rotates in the correct direction, runs smoothly, and has no abnormal vibration and sound. The motor running power should meet the requirements of the equipment technical documents. After continuous operation for two hours at rated speed, the maximum temperature of the plain bearing housing shall not exceed 70 °C; the rolling bearing shall not exceed 80 °C.

2. Inspection of fan steering: In the "frequency conversion" state, when the fan is turned to the opposite direction, change the phase sequence of the motor power cable. In the "fixed frequency / emergency" state, when the fan is turned to the opposite direction, the phase sequence of the main power supply incoming line of the electric cabinet is changed.

Third, clean operation of the operating room under the static conditions of the purification air conditioning system joint debugging

When the equipment in the purification air-conditioning system completes the single-machine debugging, meets the design and specification requirements, enters the joint commissioning, joint debugging main inspection: the ventilation and air-conditioning engineering control and monitoring equipment, should be able to communicate with the system's detection components and actuators, the system The status parameters should be correctly displayed, and the equipment interlock, automatic adjustment, and automatic protection should be able to operate correctly.

(1) Fire chain

When the fire damper on the air supply, return air, and exhaust duct is closed, the unit is immediately turned off and an alarm signal is issued. (2) High temperature protection

When the unit is in an abnormally high temperature condition, immediately turn off the power to the heater.

(3) Wind deficiency protection

When the air volume is reduced to a certain value due to loose belt or increased system resistance, all heating and humidifying equipment is turned off.

(4) Antifreeze protection

In the cold northern regions, when the air temperature after the air cooler is lower than 5 °C, the unit automatically stops and sends an alarm signal.

(5) Humidification linkage signal

The electrode humidifier and the blower unit are interlocked to control, and the electrode humidifier can work only when the blower is running and the unit has no wind shortage condition.

(6) Humidification output signal

When the measured humidity is lower than the set humidity, the DDC controller outputs according to the internal control program, and the humidifier controls the amount of humidification according to the output signal size.

(7) Cold water valve heater

The DDC controller outputs a 0 to 10 V cooling signal according to an internal control program, and the cold water valve controls the flow rate of the cold water according to the magnitude of the output cooling signal.

(eight) hot water valve heater

The DDC controller outputs a heating signal of 0 to 10 V according to an internal control program, and the hot water valve controls the flow rate of the hot water according to the magnitude of the output heating signal.

(9) Return air temperature and humidity sensor

The temperature and humidity on the return duct are measured to provide a surgical room temperature humidity detection signal to the unit DDC controller.

(10) Air supply pressure sensor

The unit sends the air supply pressure and provides a 4 mA to 20 mA air supply pressure detection signal to the DDC controller.

(11) Fresh air dehumidifier

When the air temperature after the cold water coil is in the range of 12 ° C ~ 16 ° C, and the dehumidification unit has no fault, the dehumidifier is put into operation.

(12) Fresh air antifreeze electric preheating

When the machine is shut down in winter and the wind temperature after the coil is lower than 5 °C, the anti-freeze electric preheating is automatically input.

(13) Downtime delay

In the normal shutdown, the sequence is: turn off the humidifier, turn off the heater, shut off the water valve, delay the fan for 3 minutes, and close the fresh air valve.

(14) After the above items are normal, continue to air-blow for 24 hours, clean the wall, roof, ground, equipment, return air exhaust, and air supply ceiling of the clean operating room.

(15) Install various types of filters and perform filter leak detection

(16) Filter differential pressure alarm

When the coarse, medium, and high-efficiency filters are clogged, an alarm signal for cleaning and replacement is issued.

(17) Air volume, wind speed adjustment, and frequency of air pre-testing. The area of the Class I clean operating room that achieves 100 cleanliness and the Class 100 clean Class A clean room with level 100 cleanliness should be Firstly measure the average wind speed of the section of the working area, adjust according to the actual measurement conditions, and adjust to the comprehensive performance test result should not be less than 0.27m / s, and should not exceed the wind speed specified in the "Technical Specifications for Hospital Cleansing Department" (GB50333-2002) The upper limit is 1.2 times.

(18) Static pressure difference debugging

Under the condition that all the doors in the clean area are closed, the two inner clean rooms with holes and holes are detected from the innermost room on the plane or from the room with the highest air cleanliness level to the lower level room. The static pressure difference is adjusted during the test and adjusted to the comprehensive performance measurement result should be greater than the specified value.

The height is 0.8m from the ground, the cross section of the hole is parallel to the direction of the airflow, and the measuring point is selected at the position where there is no vortex and no return air. The measuring instrument is a tilt tube micro-pressure meter with a reading resolution of 1 Pa or other instruments with the same resolution.

(19) Cleanliness preflight

Before the pre-test of Class I clean operating room and clean auxiliary room, the system should have been running for 15 minutes, and other clean rooms should have been running for 40 minutes. After confirming that there is no obvious problem in the detection of wind speed, air exchange frequency and static pressure difference, pre-check the dust concentration

(20) Temperature and humidity adjustment

The temperature and humidity indicators are remotely adjusted on the clean control room intelligence control panel. After the set value is reached, the temperature meter and the hygrometer are used to compare and control. According to the measured data, the DDC is adjusted and corrected until the control precision is consistent and meets the specification requirements.

(21) illuminance and noise pre-screening in accordance with the requirements of the specification

Fourth, the conclusion

According to the clean operating room purification air conditioning debugging process, after completing the single machine debugging, enter the system joint debugging phase, must refer to the parameter median value required by the specification, and perform the pre-inspection while debugging, and then adjust the state point to the appropriate parameters allowed by the specification. And record the debug data, write the operation and maintenance manual, and prepare for the comprehensive performance test before the completion of delivery. At this point, the construction of the clean operating room for clean air conditioning was successfully completed.