The first sales training of Haohong shares in 2019 was successfully completed

2019-05-08 11:19:46   Editor: 钜宏股份    0

Spring and Jingming, the breeze noodles.

On the morning of April 27, the sales staff of the national office of the Yuhong Stock Market Development Department gathered again at the Kangyuan Culture and Art Hotel. Here, the Yuhong Stock Market Development Department conducted the first sales training in 2019 for two days and one night - "Wolf Road - the change of the wolf".

Zhaihong shares once participated in the training mobilization meeting to share: In the past 20 years, Yuhong has become a well-known clean room system industry chain service provider from the clean room construction to the integration of clean room supporting equipment, materials and intelligent systems. In the past 20 years, Haohong has been serving hundreds of well-known brand customers with the corporate philosophy of “down-to-earth, professional integrity”. Time has proved that our correct corporate philosophy has achieved the scale of today's Yuhong shares. With the constant changes in the market environment, Haohong shares under the premise of adhering to its own philosophy, bravely innovate, constantly vowing the new and improving the core competitiveness. The Market Development Department is the biggest force in the first line of the company. We want to build a wolf-selling iron army and work hard for Yuhong's more ambitious strategic goals!

Highlights of the event
Trust subject - "Wind in the Wind"

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Goal Management - "Target Market"

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Breakthrough project - "Devil King"


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Teamwork - "Jigsaw Puzzle"

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Teamwork - Digital Castle

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Sign the sales task book

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Group Xie always awarded quarterly sales award

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Training summary sharing

At 5:30 pm on April 28, the first training of the Yuhong Stock Market Development Department was successfully completed. We have a deep feeling in this training. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to always hold the attitude of learning and serve our customers with high standards! We will also keep up with the company's development strategy, gather together, continuously improve the team's competitiveness, and meet new challenges at any time!

Teamwork is the backing of the team,

Break through the life channel;

Going forward is the goal of the team,

Going forward, climbing the peak of business。