The first wind tunnel laboratory in South China that meets the US AMCA ventilation standard

2019-02-26 09:22:08   Editor: 广东钜宏科技微信公众号    0

Dongguan Yuhong Industrial Park Manufacturing Center, the first wind tunnel laboratory in South China that meets the US AMCA ventilation standard, is one of the few professional service providers in the private clean room construction field. The LW-9120-5000 automatic air volume and pressure measuring instrument introduced by Haohong has laid a strong foundation for the efficiency and production of clean equipment. It has developed a high-efficiency purification scheme by simulating different environmental conditions through wind tunnel experiment technology. It will help improve the overall industrial chain capacity and added value of the company's clean room system, and provide better quality products and services for the pharmaceutical, optoelectronic, semiconductor and other industries, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Yuhong.

The company's production scale has been expanding, and its research and development capabilities have been continuously improved. In the development of the entire industrial chain from design to technological innovation in the Honghong Clean Engineering Project Center, the research and development of the FFU purification equipment has been continuously improved. Let the manufacturing industry of the whole industry chain do a better job. The 20-year clean room construction experience is the vitality of Yuhong. Adhere to industry, focus on the main business, steady operation, continuous innovation, attract talents, seize the frontier of technology, adhere to the principle of market priority, customer first, and constantly meet customer needs, and continue to strategically position the high-end semiconductor field clean room in the future.


The powerful wind tunnel laboratory helped Yuhong to develop steadily. It is the development process of the clean room construction industry. Just like the ecological civilization thought put forward by the state, the entity enterprise should also adhere to the arduous struggle spirit of “drip road and blue water”, “drip water and stone” and “long-term success” and adhere to the long-term development.

Yuhong Co., Ltd. actively promotes the innovation and development of intelligent construction and product structure upgrade, and has passed the National High-tech Enterprise Certification (MAQ), and has won the value recognition of customers.

Opened in 2019, Yan Hong will continue to follow the path of innovation-driven development, system to create sustainable competitive advantage and profitability, actively cross, vertical climbing, and continue to contribute value to the society.