A grand event of the Hong Kong stock exchange

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On December 31, 2018, on the day of the resignation of the old and the new, the company’s 2019 Spring Festival will be held at the Mankaite International Hotel in Tangxia, Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Some employees and guests of the company have more than 400 employees. People participate, thanks to friends who have accompanied us all the time, always support Yuhong shares and employees who are working together. This is a grand event that will not bear the brilliance of China, a grand event to showcase the glory of the people.

Hundreds of flowers are released, and the picture shows the scene of the party

Dance in the center of Shenzhen《river&humble》

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Jazz dance opens the home of the shocking party!

Host lineup

Handsome men and women are ready to go!

Annual meeting site

Get together and share the event!

Message from the Chairman


Resigning the old and welcoming the new, the chairman reviewed the company's extraordinary 2018. With the joint efforts of all the employees of the company, the total sales amount was 700 million yuan in 2018. At the same time, the 2019 strategic deployment of Gaoyajian was also made. Yan Hongren is full of joy and expectation to jointly build a more exciting Yuhong shares.

Zeng Zong, Zeng Zong, Zeng Vice President, Vice President Xie, and Vice President Huang’s Wishes

Tonight, we are gathered at the annual meeting of the Hong Kong; tomorrow, we will join hands to dream!

Shenzhen Finance Department's "Flower Blossoms"


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The bright, peaceful, and radiant blooms show the new style, new spirit and new image!

The song of the Hunan subsidiary team "believe in yourself"

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Beyond yourself, beyond the limits!

2018 annual recognition

I am irritating the fruits with hard sweat, thank you for your concerted efforts!

Song of the Shenzhen Project Center "You are the most precious"

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In the heart of the other party, you are the most precious!

Fashion Show in Dongguan Manufacturing Center



Personality, literature, and romantic catwalk show the passionate youth of Yan Hongren!

Fun game

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The game session adds joy and laughter to the party!

The Dance of the Shenzhen Brand Department, "The Square Dance of Grandson Sun"

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The square dance that can dance with thousands of people incorporates the popular action of vibrato!

Dongguan Manufacturing Center's "Twenty Years of Rain and Rain, Gratefulness and Concurrence"

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The recital of the true feelings expresses the persistence and pride of the people who are full of struggles!

Zeng Dong and guest's song "Unity is power"

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The classic songs of the 1960s tell the power of their struggle!

Mr. He Jia’s song "The Curving Moon"


A song of Liu Huan sang a lot of long-distance feelings!

Shenzhen's comprehensive project department's dance "Daddy Daddy"


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Creative dance, showing the confidence of Yan Hongren to be eclectic and innovative!

Hunan subsidiary's dance "Calories"

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Vibrant dances represent the values of Yan Hong's positive, progressive and enterprising spirit!

The song "Love in Life" brought by Shenzhen R&D Department and Purification Department

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Old boy combination, the real big man Cantonese big wrist!

Shenzhen's sales management led the "green fashion show"

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Eco-themed catwalks, garbage bags, newspapers can be so fashionable

Hunan team's "This is a dance without a name"

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The most popular show of the party, a touch of flow in the dark!

The rhythm of the Ganges River at the Dongguan Manufacturing Center

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Exotic dances represent the determination of Yan Hong to make new achievements and keep making progress!

Lottery without interruption

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In the red envelope draw, the young man from the Dongguan Manufacturing Center congratulates you on winning the special prize!

Collective chorus "Tomorrow will be better"

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Said the best way of life in life:

There is no more than a group of like-minded people running on the ideal road.

Thanks to the partners who have come along with the company!

New year's new starting point, new year and new harvest, let us cross the threshold of time and move towards a better tomorrow!

I wish that Hong Kong's tomorrow will be more brilliant!

This is the grand event of our grandma.

This is what we don't want to meet!