Welcome home, juhong branch and office staff symposium

2018-12-30 15:25:00   Editor:    0

At 9:00 on the morning of December 30, the employees of the branch offices and offices of the company all over the country rushed back to the Shenzhen headquarters company. The group Zeng Dong, the group Zeng Zong, the group deputy general manager and related management, at the group headquarters Meet the family who have been dedicated to the front line and go home.

Zeng Dong and his colleagues at home have raised their homework and asked for warmth. They have affirmed that they have achieved good results in various tasks in 2018. They have affirmed the hard work of the colleagues, forgotten their work, and dared to fight hard, and proposed to continue. Carry forward and continue to open. It is said that the 20-year-old startup period is the same as the focus of today's work. It implements the important core values of “down-to-earth, professional integrity”. Facing the new situation and new situation of 2019, it is proposed to comprehensively base the base platform and the column frame beam. Important strategic requirements.

The group once personally led everyone to visit the company, and together with the old staff Chen Guofeng, Luo Yong and so on, recalled the hard work of entrepreneurship 20 years ago. At the symposium, the general manager briefed his colleagues on the work report and development of the group in 2018. During the communication process, he emphasized that “the business is not only the sales staff, but also the on-site construction. We must always insist on quality. The center puts the interests of customers first, and will take a step in 2019." It also requested to integrate the Group's resources and strive to enhance the core competitiveness of each of the Group's business segments.

The group’s deputy general meeting emphasized: “focus on detail, brand service”. We must deepen the service consciousness to the work of every colleague, and we must grasp the technical quality and service quality, never relax, and answer the speeches of colleagues at the meeting.

At the Vice President of the Group, Mr. Xie stressed: "All my colleagues are the little bees in the business of Yuhong. They are hard-working and hard-working for work. You are the woodpecker of the company. You know the company's good and bad, good and bad in the first line. ". Everyone actively spoke, and conducted on-site communication at multiple levels and from multiple angles. The senior management of the group also answered questions.

On the morning of December 31, 2018, when everyone came to the Hong Kong Dongguan Manufacturing Center, the partners here had prepared hot tea fruit snacks and waited for the family members to go home. They tell the experience of their work and understand each other's mission goals. Under the leadership of the manufacturing center, we visited the production lines of the various business sections of the Yuhong Industrial Park factory, the environment of the attraction factory, and the development and manufacturing process of new products. We saw the lean management implemented by Qi Hong from the source.

With many years of successful experience in the field of clean room systems, Haohong has summarized a complete set of top-level designs and focused on the long-term market strategy. In 2019, systematically laid out clean room systems engineering for medicine, semiconductors and integrated circuits.

In a warm atmosphere, everyone actively participated in the actual situation and problems encountered in various work, and worked together to create the value of Yanhong's deep and sustainable growth.

This gathering has released the infinite vitality of the company. Colleagues said: We can't forget the core concept of "down-to-earth, professional integrity", and we can't forget the slogan of cheering on the forum, and we can't forget the care and concern of the company's leadership. Make a note of this important year, and start again in 2019, and make a solid progress toward the goal of comprehensive and in-depth development of the entire industrial chain of the clean room system.