20 years, the same boat, thanksgiving

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2018, disappeared silently

What have you done in the past year?

What happened at the end of the year?

What is the show at this year's annual meeting?

Time test asks a slightly distressed question

Looking back

The first thing people think of is often a song.

Noisy New Year's Eve on December 31, 2018

The annual meeting of the 2019 Yuhong shares will be staged.

Invite Hunan Kebiao, Shenzhen Kebiao, Dongguan Liren, Dongguan Antai, Guangdong Qianliang

More than 350 colleagues in various subsidiaries and business segments

Meet in a stylish Mante International Hotel

Telling their extraordinary stories together

Narrative with a 20-year thick accumulation and rich humanistic feelings

Yuhong under the stars will flash the mission

Some cold experiences, some moving, some laughter, some grievances

They are all enjoying a brief history of the development of Yuhong.

New peaks created together

The accelerated release of performance presents the era of Yu Hongren

Step-by-step work and life is no longer a monotonous choice

Yu Hong’s stage is waiting for you.

Passionate dance, catwalk, poetry reading, classical dance, folk dance

Staged a wonderful annual show

Of course, there is full expectation in the face of life.

What a fear to face in the face of work

Do not complain about the environment

Resolutely choose to play against fate

Inspire an instinctive look farther and more magnificent

Unlimited free soul

Let the heart really strengthen

A better life has a more vivid description

Strive yourself

You see juhong shares

The commander-in-chief, the prosperous scene, all the way forward

I don't know yet

What kind of labor have you had

Have today PPT haunted office

Report piled up in the industrial park

It's tempting to ask

Ju hong people with courage to work together to break through the encirclement

Juhong rose

Take "down to earth, professional integrity" as their goal and pursuit

People around me are so persistent and diligent

Change your own destiny

Truly soothing description of a self that is not narrow

2019, how lucky

The birds of the past two decades are coming back

Will be remembered by jushong