2019, Yuhong's innovation and transformation of the blueprint for new development

2018-11-19 09:31:00   Editor:    0

This year's high-tech fair has brought together more than 3,300 domestic and foreign officials, research institutes and other groups to participate in the conference. The influence of the windshield in the high-tech technology industry is growing, and it is highly concerned by people from all walks of life.

As an old friend of the High-Tech Fair, Yanhong shares a lot of achievements at the exhibition, showing the new technology of clean room construction and the latest clean equipment manufacturing. During the exhibition, the employees of Haohong Co., Ltd. cooperated with customers in various fields of the industry. Exchange, introduced to the market the new future development plan of Yuhong 2019. Let the market know more about the core strengths and corporate strength of the company.

After 20 years of squatting bases and columns and beams, Suihong has its own brands in various business segments of the clean room system industry chain, Shenzhen Kebiao (project construction), Dongguan Liren (clean equipment), Dongguan Antai (supporting materials) covers the engineering design and construction of clean rooms, the development and production of clean equipment and monitoring systems, the manufacture of supporting materials, and the operation of quality assurance services to provide customers with excellent overall solutions. Up to now, the company has accumulated nearly 10 billion yuan in performance, and has been committed to the engineering design of 2 million square meters of clean rooms of large enterprises such as CSG, BYD, Lansi Technology and Foxconn in many fields such as industrial electronics, biomedicine, and precision technology industries. The full service of the construction. Regardless of the leading level of clean room construction, clean equipment manufacturing upgrades, and scale efficiency, it has won recognition and honor from many parties in the industry.

The concept of “down-to-earth, professional integrity” has gradually become a significant share of the company in today's industry. In 2019, Yanhong will express its goal to a higher goal and focus on the clean room system engineering contract service. And create more and greater value and make unremitting efforts to make new contributions to China's manufacturing 2025.