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  • 1million yuan

    2016 share reform and restructuring registration funds

  • 6million yuan

    Total sales completed in 2017

  • 10million yuan

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Guangdong Yuhong Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 by Shenzhen Kebiao, Dongguan Liren and Dongguan Antai, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. Shenzhen Kebiao Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. With years of industry accumulation and precipitation, it has developed into a clean room system full industrial chain group company covering three major business segments: material production, equipment production, intelligent control and engineering installation. . In 2018, the group completed a total sales of 700 million yuan.

The group has 1,062 employees, including 113 R&D and engineering technicians, 249 production, management and sales personnel, and 700 engineering installers. In Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park, 2200m2 of high-quality office buildings were purchased, and Dongguan Tangxia built 13000m2 industrial park. The professional production of industrial clean industry supporting high-end sheet production capacity of 2 million m2, clean equipment FFU annual output of 60,000 units, and the establishment of South China's first wind tunnel laboratory in line with the US AMCA ventilation standards. Fully integrate the clean room industry chain system, set up a group research center, and continuously innovate and develop new products and processes of clean systems. Subsidiary Shenzhen Kebiao has the qualifications of the State Construction Department to award the architectural decoration engineering design B, the architectural decoration and decoration engineering contractor grade, the mechanical and electrical installation and the steel structure. It is the overall builder of the large industrial clean room in China. Professional construction of high-grade industrial clean room and air pressure, vacuum, special gas, ultra-pure gas, process exhaust, pure water, process cooling water, wastewater, electricity, weak electricity, monitoring, fire protection, chemical supply and secondary distribution systems engineering. Future Group will focus on the development, production and sales of clean room construction and supporting materials and products in industrial electronics, flat panel display, precision instruments, biomedicine, medical and health industries.

"Care on the ground, professional integrity" is the company's business philosophy and core values that have been upheld for 20 years. The company's vision is to grow into the most competitive clean room system in China.

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Core team

Group company existing employees1062people

Research and development and engineering technicians113people

Production, management and sales staff249people

Engineering installer700people



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