Research and development concept01

R&D innovation

Since its establishment in 1999, following strict standards, Haohong has focused on the R&D and design of the underlying hardware and upper-layer applications of cleanrooms, technological innovations, and meets the diverse needs of individuality, precision, high standards, and large scales. Surprising advanced products and services, solving the pain points and difficulties of clean room applications in various industries, optimizing customer production and operation, and helping to create greater value.

(Through ISO1644 international air cleanliness level standard specification, ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, SSG system certification).

Research base02

R&D manufacturing operation base

Yuhong Group has integrated the entire industrial chain of clean rooms.
With independent research and development, production, clean room design planning, construction management services.
  • Keel test report

    Keel test report

  • SGS Test Report

    SGS Test Report

  • ISO 14001

    ISO 14001

  • ISO 9001

    ISO 9001

  • CE certification

    CE certification

  • High-tech Enterprise Certificate

    High-tech Enterprise Certificate

  • Engineering design qualification certificate

    Engineering design qualification certificate

  • Registered trademark 2

    Registered trademark 2

  • safety production license

    safety production license

Technical achievements03

Core technology achievements

More than 20 items, core technology patents

Two, industry national standard customization

Two, national invention patents

Quality management04

Quality management

  • 13 clean room acceptance criteria
  • 12 preparations before testing
  • 7 major management measures
R & D strength05

R & D strength

  • R&D input
  • R&D and cooperation
  • R&D application