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Guangdong Yuhong Technology Co., Ltd. originated in 1999 and was established by the merger of Shenzhen Kebo Purification Equipment Co., Ltd., Dongguan Antai and Dongguan Liren. Now it has developed into a clean industry enterprise group company covering material production, equipment production and engineering installation industry chain, with annual sales exceeding 600 million yuan.

  • 70+

    Ddesign team

  • 700+


  • 500+

    Customer service

  • 800+

    Clean project

  • 200thousand ㎡

    Completion area

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Guangdong Yuhong Technology Co., Ltd.
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Group Industry

Research center

Research center

With a total of 20 years of focus on clean engineering research and application, Yuhong has more than 70 technology, R&D, design and test engineers to inject full value chain quality services into the clean engineering field.

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